Rick Berghauser and Associates Counselling Services

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Background and Specialties:

I began my career in counselling in 1993 when I entered the helping field working as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor in a residential foster care community. Since this early experience I have worked with biological parents and their families, foster and adoptive parents and their families as well as individual children, youth and adults.

My goal is to help individuals, families and working groups to see how their way of viewing their world affects themselves and those around them. By gaining a new and clear perspective of our current and past situations, we are better equipped to move forward with purpose and direction.

I use cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology,  Attachment Theory and John Gottman's work  in my approach to counselling and work from a Christian worldview. I understand that counselling can be intimidating and may seem quite uncomfortable for some. Many individuals would like to participate in counselling but feel afraid of the unknown. The idea of entering an office with a stranger and opening up about personal experiences, feelings, fears and beliefs can be intimidating and can keep some from experiencing the many benefits a therapeutic coaching experience can bring. However, I encourage you to call and see how this could be a life changing experience for you.

I welcome you to call and ask questions about the counselling services offered, how they are offered and why they may be a benefit to you and your family or business. My goal is to help individuals, couples, families businesses be the healthiest they can be.  I invite you to call today and like my Facebook page to find out about workshops or retreats being offered.